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Sygnus Credit Investments serves two needs:
1. Providing an alternative channel through which medium sized firms can access capital to drive expansion and growth.
2. Offering non-traditional investment solutions that provide attractive risk adjusted returns and a viable alternative to traditional fixed income. 

Customized Financing for Medium Sized Firms
As we strive to become the leader in the Caribbean non-traditional financing space we established Sygnus Credit Investments Limited, our first Private Credit Investment Company (PCI), to unlock capital for medium sized firms. PCI's provide non-traditional forms of credit, typically more customized than bank financing, for companies. Consequently, SCI offers an alternative channel through which medium sized firms can access capital to drive expansion and growth.
Sygnus Credit Investments Limited is the only PCI company in the Caribbean focused on providing financing solutions to medium sized firms using a full suite of customized credit solutions. 

Non-Traditional Investment Options
SCI provides financing to firms, which also represents a non-traditional investment opportunity by providing access to the lucrative private credit markets. This non-traditional asset class offers a viable alternative to traditional fixed income with very attractive risk-reward characteristics and low correlation to traditional stocks and bonds. It represents a fast growing component of the portfolios of international institutional asset managers. PCI investment companies, unlike banks or other traditional forms of financing that utilise deposit funding, are financed from equity raised from private investors (individuals and institutions). 

SCI has raised more than J$2 billion equivalent in capital from private individuals and institutional investors including some major local pension funds, to provide customized credit financing to companies. Since it began operations in July 2017, SCI has invested more than J$1.3 billion equivalent in the energy, distribution and manufacturing industries using a wide range of tailored credit instruments.

Through a disciplined investment strategy and risk management process, SCI aims to generate attractive risk adjusted returns for its shareholders. Sygnus Credit Investments Limited is managed by Sygnus Capital Management Limited (SCM), a Cayman Investment Management Company.
Further Information on SCI:
How can SCI assist my company?
SCI can help you realize your growth potential by investing in your firm to support a number of critical needs, including but not limited to, working capital, capex, refinancing, project financing, equipment leasing and acquisition financing.
How does SCI provide financing to a company?
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SCI Board Members

 SCI Board Members


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