Delivering Best-In-Class Solutions for our Partners

Underpinned by our 3i’s principle of innovation, independence and integrity, our Investment Banking (IB) unit is committed to building long-term partnerships and providing you with customized solutions. Our independence allows us to be dedicated partners focusing solely on client-centered value creation without any potential conflict of interest. We have unmatched regional expertise and transaction experience that guarantees you get financing solutions engineered with innovative ideas.

Strong regional relationships forged over years of deep collaboration combined with our proprietary investment vehicles, such as Sygnus Credit Investments, give our distribution platform a unique competitive advantage. It is built on a solid reputation earned from working with some of the largest investors, including pension funds, asset managers and banks, throughout the Caribbean.

We stay on top of local regulations and processes, so you can benefit from access to a wide and sophisticated investor base in key regional markets.

Our Five Key Pillars

Members of our team have executed over US$10 billion in financing in the Caribbean over the last decade. They apply this expertise to deliver cutting edge advisory and capital-raising services along five key pillars:

Our best-in-class capital markets solutions are tailored to meet the needs of diverse corporate and sovereign clients throughout the region. We ensure even the most complex transactions are delivered with sophistication and ingenuity using a wide range of debt instruments, including:

  • Fixed Income
    • Bonds
    • Bonds with Options (caps, floors and collars)
    • Medium Term Notes
    • Commercial Paper
  • Credit Linked Notes
  • Structured Notes
  • Mezzanine Notes
  • Securitization and Esoteric Structures
    • Asset Back Securities
    • Warehousing and Conduit Structures
    • Factoring and Receivables Financing
    • Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs)
    • Collateral Loan Obligations (CLOs)
  • Loan Structuring and Placement
    • Structure and placement of corporate loans with banking partners/underwriters
    • Arranging and placement of Bridge Facilities, Syndicated Loans and Acquisition Facilities
    • Provide advisory and structuring of Corporate Credit Products and Solutions

Our IB unit understands you face unique circumstances and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We craft financing solutions that position you for long-term growth according to your strategic focus. Our high-touch options for equity financing include:

  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Private Placement of Equity
  • Rights Issues and Secondary Offerings
  • Hybrid Securities
    • Preferred Equity
    • Convertibles
    • Warrants
    • Equity Recapitalization

We excel at complex engineering that optimizes value for our buy-side and sell-side clients. Our Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) practice structures and executes intensive deals driven by transformational growth and exit strategies.

You get our full advisory support through the entire acquisition process from identification of opportunity, financial modeling and valuation, and negotiations to post-closing advisory support. These services include:

  • Buy Side Advisory
  • Sell Side Advisory
  • Spin-Offs, Divestitures and Carve Outs
  • Public Take-overs and Take-privates
  • Leverage Buyouts & Management Buyouts
  • Financial Advisory & Valuation
  • Due Diligence

Members of our Investment Banking team have led some of the most complex and innovatively structured financing transactions executed in the region. This specialized team has the know-how and grit to provide cutting edge support to corporations and governments in the following key areas:

  • Project Financing, such as BOLT, BOT & BOL structures
  • PPP Structures
  • Real Estate and Hospitality Development
  • Oil and Gas Development
  • Power and Utilities
  • PPA/Concession Negotiations
  • REIT Structures
  • Airports and Seaports Development
  • Infrastructure Divestments
  • Non-recourse and SPV Structures
  • Sale & Leaseback
  • Specialized Equipment Lease Structures

We work closely with you to manage exposure to currency risk, interest rate risk, and commodity risk. By staying connected to a global network of expertise, our investment bankers deliver world-class risk management strategies. You can rely on our deep understanding of market volatility and risks to provide cutting edge advisory support on:

  • Interest Rate Risk
    • Options
    • Swaps
    • Floors
    • Caps
    • Collars
    • Forward Starting Swaps on LIBOR
  • Commodities Risk
    • Options
    • Swaps
    • Forwards
    • Futures and Collars on WTI Crude Oil
    • HFO
    • LNG
    • Platts
    • Precious Metals
    • Soft Commodities
  • Structured Products
  • Exotics
  • Synthetic Options and Swaps