Our Partners
“At Sygnus, we believe in building long-term partnerships that last. It is the cornerstone of our success. The individuals and institutions who we actively engage in deep and meaningful ways amplify our business’s ability to make a difference in our communities and the world”

Elizabeth James

Vice President of Wealth Management & Client Services

St. Patrick’s Foundation cares for and empowers at-risk youth and residents of low-income communities by providing training and development opportunities that will encourage social and economic advancement. The Foundation provides human resource development and skills training through three community centres and a number of other initiatives.

Since 2018, Sygnus has maintained a relationship with St. Patrick’s Foundation, a non-profit human and community development organization established in 1994 to serve people of West Kingston’s inner-city communities. The Foundation currently operates three community centres and a home for abandoned golden agers.


  • January 2019 – Sygnus donates J$200,000 to St. Patrick’s Foundation in upgrading their Head Office
  • August 2019 – Sygnus donates J$100,000 to St. Patrick’s Foundation for back to school activities
  • June 2020 – Sygnus galvanizes partners around a shared mission to support the St. Patrick’s Foundation with Covid Relief efforts with a total donation of J$1,238,000.00
  • May 2022 – Sygnus Celebrates Child’s Month with Riverton Early Childhood Development Centre (a part of the St. Patrick’s Foundation)
  • August 2022 – Sygnus Donates J$250,000.00 to Support St. Patrick Foundation’s back to school efforts with the purchase of school suppliers
"Over the last 2 years Sygnus has donated over J$1,000,000 to the Jamaica Cancer Society to help with screening at least 200 women, awarding them free mammograms to ensure early detection. This year however, we decided to include a donation to the JR2R as well. With this, we can help not only those seeking early detection, but those on their journey to recovery. We can aid in increasing the number of survivors of one of the most common cancers found in Jamaican women, and a leading cause of cancer related deaths”

Elizabeth James

Vice President and Head of Wealth and Client Strategy at Sygnus Capital

Sygnus for the last 3 years, has stood firmly in the cause for breast cancer awareness,
and this year J$300,000.00 from their total donation will provide 60 women with the opportunity to get free mammogram screenings which will assist with the early detection of breast cancer. Mammograms are specialized medical imaging of the breast and are usually encouraged to be done around the age of 40. While this screening is essential, many are not able to afford it. This year, Sygnus has also extended their support to the Jamaica Reach To Recovery with J$200,000.00 for their initiative which will go towards providing financial aid for those suffering from the disease.

“I am grateful to Sygnus for their contribution towards our Math Chattingz initiative. They have shown me two things: 1) they are committed to amplifying the voices of youth by supporting our work and 2) they are genuine in their fight against the inequalities that affect the Caribbean region. Their donation will go a far way in buying the much-needed school supplies for the children in the five countries that Math Chattingz targets, making the delivery of the educational content run more smoothly.”

Jénine Shepherd

President and Board Co-Chair, Youths for Excellence

The Sygnus Group has donated the sum of JMD$300,000 to Math Chattingz, a Youths For Excellence (YFE) initiative geared towards highlighting the applicability of mathematics in a greatly diversified range of careers. Youths for Excellence is a registered charity for the holistic development of underserved youth, founded in 2015 by President and Board Co-Chair Jénine Shepherd, when she was 17 years of age, because she recognized the effects of social and economic deprivation on young children at schools in Jamaica.

Today the organisation’s efforts and initiatives have impact throughout the Caribbean. Guided by a vision to eradicate education inequality in the world, starting with the Caribbean region, the organisation serves inner-city youth across the region by providing them with the adequate tools of healthcare, nutrition and sound tutelage to put them on the path to success.

“At Sygnus, innovation is one of our guiding principles that enables us to unlock opportunities for our clients and those initiatives and organisations that we support and assist. In this same vein, we are proud to support Youths For Excellence in providing students across the Caribbean with the opportunity to broaden their access and potential for achieving future success via Mathematics. This programme will introduce students to Mathematics at all levels and really help to break the stigma against the subject. Mathematics can open so many doors for our youth and can usher them into a world of opportunities and careers, not only in STEM-related fields but also in the Arts, Design, Health, Entertainment, and Finance—for which it is the foundation. We applaud Youths For Excellence for their innovation in creating this immersive and interactive experience that is sure to positively impact the perception of the subject amongst our youth!”

The event was conceptualized by Youths For Excellence and will be executed in collaboration with the Ministries of Education in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Grenada and Barbados to benefit youth across the region.

Since its inception, YFE has championed a holistic method of educational intervention. The organization has assisted children to receive not only textbooks but also tablets, health checkups, travel passes, lunch passes, and resources for their parents, to facilitate employment. The organization has also collaborated on several multinational projects with multiple Caribbean governments and international organizations like the UNDP, CDB and UNESCO.

“The Sygnus team is happy to have been able to support the children at the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre. We admire and appreciate the commitment of the NMLS team at the facility and are thrilled to have been able to play a role in delivering some joy to the centre’s staff and children this Christmas by providing various gifts, spending time and having fun.”

Renee Rickards

Marketing Manager

On Monday, December 19, 2022, our team joined the Norman Manley Law School’s (NMLS) Children’s Outreach Programme in lending a helping hand at the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre. Donating $100,000 in cash and kind to the Althone Wing of the Centre and was able to put a smile on the faces of many children and staff.

The Children’s Outreach Programme is a charity organisation created with the objective of giving back to children in Jamaica by students at the Norman Manley Law School.