Sygnus Credit brings in US$50m capital raise

(Jamaica Observer Article: Kingston, Jamaica)

Despite seeking a new round of funding close to the yuletide season and in one of the quietest years in recent times on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), Sygnus Credit Investments Limited (SCI) was able to rake in US$50.25 million (J$7.78 billion) to fund its pipeline of private credit deals and next round of growth.

The St Lucian registered company had published its cumulative redeemable preference share prospectus on November 13 where it had sought US$25.10 million (J$3.99 billion). The offer which opened on November 20 and had an original closing date of December 6 was extended to December 15 due to the offer being oversubscribed. It’s now been revealed on the basis of an allotment published on Friday that SCI’s three classes of preferred shares received US$51.05 million (J$7.91 billion) in applications from investors.

Peta-Gaye Simpson: Building a better Jamaica from conception to completion

(Jamaica Observer Article, Kingston, Jamaica)

“I believe that we are on target to being the most developed country in the Caribbean. Currently, there is a surplus of new residential projects and a promising pipeline of upcoming commercial ventures. However, there is untapped potential for further growth in the industrial and institutional sectors. What I’d like to see is more investment in construction for these sectors, and renovations to better the overall country.”

A seasoned professional in the field of construction and process management, Peta-gaye Simpson has roots which trace back to her start in the city Kingston.

The growing role of private credit in modern financing: What you need to know

(OUR Today – Feature Article) In the dynamic landscape of modern finance, traditional investment avenues are no longer the sole players in the market. Alternative investments, particularly private credit, have emerged as a powerful catalyst, transforming the way businesses secure funding and investors seek returns. As we navigate an era marked by economic uncertainties, Sygnus is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a unique perspective on the evolving role of private credit.