Keith Collister

Executive Chairman (ATL Pension Fund)

Fireside Chat – Portfolio Diversification             


Keith Collister started his career in the City of London, and for the past nearly three decades has worked in the Caribbean, both in the Bahamas, and in Jamaica with roles that have included analyst and fund manager for what is now called Sagicor, and the start up from scratch of both a stockbroker and a mutual fund for Grace Kennedy. He is a leading financial journalist and commentator, and has written for Latinfinance, Latintrade and the UK Banker magazine, as well as for both the Gleaner and the Observer.

For more than two decades he has been a member of both the PSOJ economic policy committee and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) Economic Affairs and Taxation committee, and now chairs the latter, as well as being a member of two of their other committees. He is Executive Chairman of ATL Pension Fund, Chairman of Sandals Foundation and advises the Sandals/ATL group Executive Chairman on the regional and global economy.

He holds degrees in economics and finance from Cambridge and the London School of Economics respectively, as well as an MBA in International Banking and Finance. He has been on the board of a number of quoted companies in Jamaica, and is currently a board member of Eppley (the local quoted financial services associate of the Musson group).

He is a current director of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, and a former director of both the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, as well as having been on a number of other Government related financial committees on economic policy. He is also a director of the Caribbean Alternative Investment Association, which focuses on the development of the private equity market in the region.